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Below is a general map of the area showing Faro Airport and Alvor, along the Algarve coastline. The route shown is the fastest way to the Apartment on the outskirts of Alvor.  Click on the map to enlarge.

The red pointers are set to Faro Airport - in the East, and Alvor - in the West. The blue marker highlights A22 - the motorway across the Algarve. There has been talk of Portugal introducing a Toll Tax for using this fast but quiet motorway link - so check with your Car Rental company for the latest information. The definitely free alternative that is pretty and interesting is the N125 (in the UK we might call this an 'A' road).

From Faro Airport take the dual carriageway towards Faro town centre but follow the signs for the A22 joining at Junction 13 travelling West towards Lisbon and Portimão.

After driving West for around 40 minutes leave the A22 at Junction 4 - it is signposted for Alvor. You will pass a civilian airport on your right. This road into Alvor also passes an N125 roundabout with signs to Alvor. If you travel to Alvor using the N125 expect the journey to take at least an extra 30 minutes as there will be more traffic, shops, restaurants, interesting buildings and traffic lights to enjoy.

Algarve - General Map

Next a snippet of a local map - copies of a free street map are available in Alvor and many places you visit. Click on this map to enlarge.

You will enter this map at the North on the road coloured yellow - head for the Dunas Complex marked out in red.

Alvor Map

Below is a series of photos taken through a car window along the route from Faro Airport to the motorway - A22 - and then in the column on the right is the final part of the journey from the A22 to the Reception at the Dunas holiday complex in Alvor - which is a few Kilometres west of Portimão. Near Alvor itself the road has recently been extended into a loop to pass some new properties. Photos of this will be added in October 2009 to bring this set up to date.

Let us know if this proves useful and what would be even more help. If you travel in the dark - do expect the journey to take considerably longer on your first visit.

The roads are relatively quiet by comparison with those in any metropolitan city and urban area - however please note that the Portuguese insist on driving on the right!

Road Signs - From Faro Airport to A22 Motorway

    Leaving Faro Airport - 1st road sign    Overhead sign as you turn Right   Onto the 1st roundabout - and it is stunning

    All speeds in Portugal - Km/hr   Follow signs for A22   Still towards A22 - Portimão this time

    Next Road Sign   Keep heading for motorway - sign for Portimão   Take this Junction for Portimão

    Keep heading for Portimão   Distances Sign - in Km    Another Direction Sign

    Time to Move to Left Lane!   Head for A22 in Left Lane   Follow sign for A22

    Keep heading for A22 - NOT the Stadium!   Head here for A22 towards Lisbon   Time to leave this link road for A22 towards Portimão

    Close to the 'turn off' juction to join A22   Now you are on A22 heading West

SAT-NAV Coodinates



Road Signs-from A22 motorway to holiday at Alvor

A22 - 10Km from Alvor

Leave A22 in 1 Km

Leave A22 here at Jn. 4

Straight on at this roundabout

Straight on again

Follow the sign to Alvor

Just 4 km to Alvor

A sign comfirming the way

Portimao Local Aerodrome - on the right

Alvor - You Have Arrived

Bear left when at this point

Straight over this junction - towards the beach (Praias)

Straight over junction with care

Pass a school on your right

Turn right into Estrada Da Barca


Dunas Complex - on your left


Key are with Jackie & Mark at Marco's Cafe or at Reception


For visitors from England and Ireland please take lots of extra care when driving around  - especially if there is no other traffic in view and at all road junctions, plus when walking across all roads. When you relax you are in the most danger - like when leaving a petrol station, shop or restaurant into an empty road.