Reservations for 2018-19    

Dates NOT in Grey are available to be Reserved

Prices are listed on HomeAway - formally known in the UK as Owners Direct

Firm Reservations

You are invited to make a Firm Reservation based on the prices currently shown, by sending us a 10% Deposit. You will then be ready for your planned Holiday. Once your dates are agreed as Firm we will quickly update the public Calendars on our 'HomeAway/Owners Direct' website listing.

Last Minute Reservations

If you decide to get away at the last minute then we can offer you a holiday booking of the Apartment with a 20% discount on the advertised price if the Reservation is made up to a week in advance of the holiday. Full payment will be called for these bookings rather than a Deposit followed by Balance payments. However, the savings would be large - especially for a party of up to six.

Tentative Reservations

Free Tentative/Provisional Reservations can be made for any period of 7 days or more. We will do our best to contact you by telephone/mobile/cell and email should another guest wish to make a firm booking if you have a Provisional hold on selected dates. Please check with us by telephone or email for up to the minute availability. See below to turn a Tentative Reservation to a Firm Booking.

Deposit, Balance etc.

After checking with us for up to the minute dates - we use the prices posted on HomeAway/Owners Direct website - please send a deposit of 10% using either a BACS, cheque, Barclays Pingit or PayPal transfer. We will send you a Receipt by letter the same day and/or by email if requested. One month before the holiday please settle the balance.

On the first visit we may ask for a separate returnable security deposit of £100 towards the cost of any damage or breakages.

If you choose to use PayPal - a link follows to their website. This costs you nothing to use. You will need to already have or be agreeable to set up a PayPal account, then send the agreed payment via your PayPal account to us at our email address that follows:


Payment Options

If you prefer to pay for your holiday over a period of time let us find a route to suit you. No interest is charged for this. Probably like you we believe Holidays are vital to an enjoyable life.

You can reach us using information on our

'Contact Page'. We will give you the latest on availability and aim for a price that best suits you and your party.

Popular Dates

A number of potential guests often select similar holiday dates. In an effort to be helpful we are getting to know other local 'Owners' and visiting their properties so we can offer potential guests other contacts to try. In all cases these will be our without prejudice and fully disclaimed personal views. For this we ask you to please find a few minutes to contact our own Alvor Agents to view our Apartment to see for yourself what may be worth making a booking for another occasion.

Changeover day

Choose your own changeover day - and we will do our best to fit in with your plans. The main thing will be to avoid any firm bookings that would overlap with your holiday dates.

To make a Booking

By either E-mail or phone:


Call us - 9am - 9pm any day of the week

+44 (0) 1934 647 865 Landline in UK

+44 (0) 774 989 1854  Mobile or Cell

We prefer a transfer payment using BACS. Call us for our Bank Account details.

An alternative is use a Cheque payable to:

L K Fineman

Or, if you prefer PayPal then you can use the  link below:

Please make payments to our business email address below:

Link here to some Reviews of the Holiday site, facilities at Alvor

Link to the current Weather Forecast for Alvor - on the Algarve


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Damage Deposit

A refundable security deposit of £100 against accidental damage may be requested on a first Booking. Transfers can be by bank transfer or separate cheque. This security deposit will be returned to you by bank transfer or a cheque posted as soon as our Agent gives the 'All Clear' shortly after you leave and before the next guests arrive.

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