• Travelocity
    This Website has served many well and is worth comparing with other flight and Car Rental charges you find
  • Low Cost Flights
    A site mentioned as one of the best on a BBC programme about the Web
  • EasyJet Food and drink has to be bought during the flight - but Direct flights take well under 3 hours.
  • Monarch Airways Low cost and is often good.

Transfers & Car Hire - Faro and Alvor

  • Faro Airport Transfers - Offers you private transfers at Faro airport making sure you arrive at your destination on time. Operating since abt. 2006  

  • Yellow Fish Transfers Faro Airport to Dunas Apartments, Alvor return - cost around 15 Euros per adult eachway - pay in cash
  • Faro Airport Transfers - Choice of a guest - and looks good. Contact: Phone 00351 966 110818 and email:

  • Carlos Santana - 1st Choice of many Local Agents. Contact using the following: Phone 00351 282 459832 and email:

  • A Local Car Hire Company - We have used them - prices compare well with the better known International Companies. We can't say they are the best.

  • Bus/Train Timetable & Fares - Unofficially  English Cheapest way to travel and a great way to glimpse lots of places. Alternatively - and a somewhat faster route that is still cheaper than taxi, minibus or hiring a car - use a bus at each end of a train journey. Take the bus/taxi from Faro Airport to the Faro Railway Station, travel by train to Portimão then take another bus/taxi to Alvor.

Visits & Excursions

  • Silves
    Has a Red-Brick Crusader Castle that dominates the town. Pop concerts are held here plus the gallery, within the Castle grounds, often has fabulous Exhibits on Tour. The centre has recently been paved to a very high quality that makes a visit very worthwhile. A Cafe to one side of the Castle called Café Inglés does the most amazing dessert called - Chocolate St. Emilion.
  • Lagos
    A few minutes by car from Alvor - a busy Tourist Town with many Shops, Cafes, a recently built Marina, a Castle and Beaches to visit.
  • Monchique
    Up in the mountain area this little town on the way to the very peak - that can be reached by road.
  • Fóia
    Beyond Monchique take the road or cross country walk to the highest point in the Algarve. The Views are breath-taking at over 9000 metres with a view of the Coastline on a clear day. There is a wonderful shop there full of blankets and warm things plus a Radio/Radar Station.
  • Excursions
    All kinds of excursions will be found here - from Game Fishing, Dolphin watching to walks and Beaches.

Dining Out

  • Marco's Bar and Bistro
    Our favourite place for brilliant meals - full of good taste, spectacular cocktails and food to remind you of home while in Portugal. Marco's is a few yards from our apartment and faces the enormous outdoor pool.
  • A Review of Restaurants in Alvor
    With emphasis on fish and specia
    l outings this Website gives a good feel as to what is on offer in Alvor. 
  • Premier Eating Out
    Here is a list of the Finest places to eat out - on the Algarve. Many are in and around Almansil - a small but very expensive town close to Faro and a clutch of Golf Courses.

FUN for Children

  • Zoomarine
    One of the popular places for families or just a day away from the beach
  • For the Kids
    This Website has been visited before and here are lots of ideas to explore with the younger ones.

After Dark - Bars and Clubs

  • Nightlife A link to many places along the Algarve

  • The Venue - A Night Club we have seen in Alvor - a short walk from the Apartment, so you may also wish to pop along the coast for more excitement.
  • Voxx Bar - Late & Lively - the Strip, Praia da Rocha, Tel 00351 289 555555.
  • Bizarro Bar - LOW KEY - Espleade, Albufeira - newly renovated bar overlooking the beach - great for drinks in the sunset.

Health Emergencies

Emergency number: 112

There is a chemist on the road towards the village about 200 yards away and when closed the nearest one open should be posted on the door.
Hospital Faro: Tele: 00351 289 803411
Hospital Portimão: tel. 00351 282 450300
Hospital Lagos: tel. 00351 282 763034
Private clinic: Hospital Particular do Algarve (Alvor/Portimão): tel 00351 282 420400
Smaller places often have a Centro de Saude (Health Centre)
  • NB Albufeira and Lagos have 24 hour International Health Centres.

    Hospitals in Faro and Portimão have proper emergency departments. Other hospitals can handle less serious needs.

    Local Banks, ATMs and Shop Hours

    • Essential Opening Hours
      See here the general opening hours plus. You will usually find a 'Multibanco' ATM in most supermarkets and shopping areas.

    •  Multibanco in Portugal
      More information about this 24 hour cash system.

      A local place for banks is Portimão - a few minutes down the road by car. You will even find a few Barclays Banks along the Algarve including one in Portimão.

    A Few Useful Words and Phrases

    • Language - just a little
      This link also takes you on to common words and phrases - especially useful when out of the tourist areas.

      Some traffic rules:

    • Within the built-up area: 60km/hr
    • Outside the built-up area: 90km/hr
    • Main roads: 100km/hr
    • Motorways: 120km/hr
    • The wearing of seat bells is compulsory.
    • Alcohol-blood limit: 50mg per 100ml - virtually none
    • Insurance and a valid national Driver's License is compulsory.

    SKY Diving - How about this for something different?

    Some Ideas from an ex-patriot

    Emergencies and Tourist Office

    Emergency number: 112 from any local telephone
    • Fire Brigade

      Portimão - 00351 282 422122

    • Police

      Portimão - 00351 282 417217

    • Posto de Turismo de Alvor
      Rua Dr. Afonso Costa nº 51
      8500-016 ALVOR
      Tel. 00351 282 457540

    • Marco's Bar/Bistro at Dunas da Alvor - Loja 16
      Contacts: Jackie and Mark White - who are on site and will be keen to help and advise you on almost any topic.
      00351 282 457548

    Local Consulate and Main Church

    • British Embassy - This link is to the main Embassy in Lisbon. The local British Consulate Offices are a few miles away in Portimao - address and phone number follows:

      Largo Francisco A Maurício 7-1, 8500 Portimão Tel. (local dialling only) 282 417800  From the UK: 00351 282 417800

    • Church of Alvor
      Here you will find the only building left intact after the earthquake of 1755. The style shows off the fishing village and there is a brilliant view of the estuary from the church tower.